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Time2Dr​eam SALT BARS - $9 per Bar
All natural oils & salt        Handmade Cold Pressed
No Parabens *No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate *No Petro Chemicals *No Phosphates *No Phthalates                                Suitable for either shower or bath.  
There are specific aromas for each chakra point. Each bar can assist in removing negative residual energy that can connect with your Aura while you are out and about, at work or any public area. They are invigorating and calming at the same time. You can have a feeling of refereshing energy as if you had just taken a swim in the surf.
​Select a Chakra point~ Crown (Yellow), Third Eye (Purple), Throat (Blue), Heart (Green), Soul (Pink), ​Stomach (Orange), Base Chakra (Red/Burgundy).
Chakra Bars
Childrens' Book:

"Everything is Ok"

by Paula Vi

This is a story of the journey through the dreams of children.

This book can help children and adults understand the visions and dreaming that children experience. 

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