Paula Vi
uses Ancient techniques and has a wealth of knowledge that helps her reach a higher level of energy and connection to the quantum field that surrounds us. She uses this to help develop programs specific to the 
 Mentoring and Guidance that you desire.
Motivational Package
"Change Your Life"
5 x 1 hour sessions FIRST session is of  60minutes, includes a Healing and a mentoring session on how to change your life and energy.
Only $180 per session if individually booked they are $270 per hour.

This program is designed to help you maximise your energy, it is great value,and you will receive a past life healing & chakra healing in this package.                                    $900
​Valued at $1350 if booked individually
Also available Via SKYPE includes Chakra Healing
1 hour session
Helps you with developing a life plan so you can live the life you desire. Great  for managing stress or fatigue.                 
Also available Via SKYPE
45 minute session is $189 per session

Mentoring & Guidance Package 
"Change Your Life" (as above)
5 x 1 hour sessions
Designed to help you maximise your energy, this is great value as you will have the opportunity to have a past life healing & chakra healing throughout the package.                                    $900
​Valued at $1350 is booked individually
Also available Via SKYPE
Mentoring Package 
"Changes for Staff and Abundance within your BUSINESS"
5 x 1.5 hour sessions PLUS introductory meeting to see if this can work for you.
Designed to help maximise staff performance in a stress free enviroment, this is great value as you receive 90 minutes of training on a weekly basis or option to do fortnightly, depending on your business requirements. All packages designed to suit your Business and Staff needs. Held on our work premises.
​Included in this package is an introductory meeting for 90 minutes, package is priced for up to 4 staff.
​Valued at $3000
Special for April 2018 $1980
​That is only $4.40 per minute ​
Also available Via SKYPE
45 min session
Helps find points within your body to start the healing process and great for pain relief.                                         $189
Also available Via SKYPE​
Available within your own home enviroment.
House Clearing
90 minutes    
For removing spirits or negative energy from your home or office.
​Includes Ghosts and Demonic entities
(Price can vary depending on the time and size)  3  bedroom House price  
Starting from                             $399
Offices and office buildings Starting from                              $599
Home Office $569
​Ask for free no obligation quote
​Also available Via SKYPE
email Paula Vi for a quote!

Re Birthing Healing
45 minute session
Helps with clearing past and childhood issues to create the new you.                      $199
Available within your own home enviroment.
Also available Via SKYPE

Card Readings
45 min session  
These readings are unique and are on your soul, mind and body and any issues you may be having in your current life, not for your future. 
Available within your own home enviroment.                               $159
Also available Via SKYPE 
Abundance Package
3 x 45 hour sessions
Learn how to find the job you desire, budget and set goals to reach your full potential!                                   $300
Valued at $567 if booked individually 
Also available Via SKYPE
ALSO Available within your own home enviroment.
Reiki Healing 
45 hour session
Great for assisting in pain and injury relief from your physical & emotional body.  
In your own home                       $199
Also available Via SKYPE
ALSO Available within your own home enviroment.
Chakra Healing 
45 hour session 
Helps with clarity of thought and general well being. Realignment of Chakra Points. Available within your own home enviroment.
​Also available Via SKYPE $189 
All prices are for Gold Coast and surrounding suburbs any booking outside 50km a call out fee will apply and is approximatley $9 per km over. Please talk to us about exchanges.
Much Gratitude 

#Cancellations within a 24 hours of your appointment will incur a cost of $49

Time2Dream Classes:

Adult Energy/Meditation Classes           $35 student $25
Gold Coast   (BURLIEGH)       ~ 
Tuesday (fortnightly) 6.30-8pm
                                                       ~Tuesday  (fortnightly)4pm to 5.30pm Childrens Class
Brisbane (Mt Gravatt)              ~Tuesday (fortnightly) 7-8.30pm
Springfield                                  ~Thursday (fortnightly) 5pm to 6pm Class for Children     
                                                      ~Thursday (fortnightly) 6pm to 7pm Meditation for Adults
Classes run for 90 or 60 minutes, they are designed to help you with tools to assist you in reaching the life you desire to have. You can also learn meditation to help you still your mind and relax.

Childrens' Class      (ages 3-13years)          $20
~Tuesday  (fortnightly)4pm to 5.30pm Childrens Class
~Thursday (fortnightly) 5pm to 6pm Class for Children     

ART in Healing        (2 hours) ONLY $49 Student $39
Gold Coast (Southport) - Friday  8.30am to 10.30 noon
Learn art with Paula Vi this will be a great experience for you to learn how to tap into your creative skills.

​#student prices are for clients who attend weekly one on one sessions. 

" Change takes courage"                                               

Paula Vi is a Internationally renowned Healer, Teacher, Motivational Life Coach, Business Coach, Public Speaker, Award winning Artist and Author.
Her many gifts are:
Physic (sees future)
Medium (hears the other side and can converse with them)
Seer (can see the other side, quantum etc.)
Reiki Healer (can see energy)
Chakra Healer (can see chakras)
Past life healer ( can access past life and see them )
Reflexology Healer (can see meridians)
Channeller (ability to speak from a spirit channelling through you)
Energy healer (auras)
Homeopathic healing (connection to natural resources for medicinal purposes)
Acupressure healing (pressure points within the body to relieve pain without needles)
Time travel (Matrix manoeuvring)
Astro traveller
Meridian, Nuero Linguistic healer
Talking to animals
Re birthing (can assist access to self- seeing a point in time this life to heal)
CALL NOW its time2dream and time to make the changes you desire TODAY!

A few kind words from some of my clients:

​​No words can describe the is a journey.
  • Lisa ( Springfield ) 2016

All I can say is amazing!!! Positivity and mindfulness have helped me to be a better person and be happy within myself. Thanks Paula for helping me on this awesome journey!
  • Brooke ( Townsville ) July 2016
I am so grateful to have shared an amazing weekend with some great people learning about universal energy and healing. Thank you Paula.
  • Scott ( Gold Coast) Reiki Course June 2016

My experience with the Reiki master course was incredibly rewarding. We focused on self and discovered that we all have the ability within us to practice Reiki . The course to me was real, what I learnt really resonated with me. The energy and vibration throughout the course was truly special too. I'm so thankful that I took the journey to learn off such an incredible lady. Forever grateful xx

  • Danielle ( Gold Coast ) Reiki Course June 2016

Paula has helped my family and I for over 3 years and has helped us change our lives for the better.
In the past, art was a passion of mine but to look at not to do myself. After changing my self belief I have now produced amazing art works and love my art class on a Saturday.
Learning Reiki was the next step on my life journey of awareness. To be able to heal myself and others is an awesome gift. The Reiki course was incredible and to learn alongside other positive people was truly wonderful.
I can't thank Paula enough for her guidance and friendship during my journey. X
  • Ceri ( Gold Coast)

Time2Dream is not only an amazing business, but a way of life.  I have learnt so much from Paula Vi it has changed my life completely.  I am more aware, healthier, happier, enjoying life and doing things that I would never have done before.  The classes are enjoyable and useful and I apply what I learn in my everyday life. Paula Vi has so much knowledge and wisdom that I could sit with her for days listening and learning!
  • Brooke Davies ( Townsville) 2015